Jesus First Christian Community Fellowship Church was small in the eyesight of many, in the beginning, in 2002, , but a masterpiece in the eyesight of God. 
More than 12 years later, Pastor Eric D. Mason, Sr., through unmerited and divine favor is still standing.  Favor is being granted in his own life and ministry and in the lives of those he serve as people of God.  Souls are continuously being added to the body of Christ.  Pastor Mason has a desire and determination to see people saved from their sins and walking in the newness of life.  He believes and preaches that there is still room at the cross for all the lost souls that we encounter on a day to day basis. He believes that the mission will never be complete until every soul has come unto repentance.
Pastor Mason’s heart and soul is devoted to evangelism; telling people of the good news that Jesus saves from sins and without him in our lives we are like a ship without a sail.  He believes that there is so much joy and peace in serving God.   He teaches that one can find true happiness and peace of mind that surpasses a life of fame and fortune.  He always has a heart of praise down on the inside; that manifests itself on the outside.  His favorite saying is, “If the Lord doesn’t do anything else for me he has already done enough”.
Pastor Eric D. Mason Sr. was born in Tampa, Florida on May 28th to Henrietta and Matthew Mason. He grew up in Savannah, Georgia.  He has touched and impacted so many lives throughout this world.  God created a man after his own heart- a man of vision, wisdom, integrity, charisma, love, respect, humility, and power.  He is a go-getter and believes that God wants to bless his people beyond measures.  He leads by example and sows into ministry with expectancy knowing that God will send the increase.  Pastor Mason wholeheartedly believes that if we give unto God, he will give back unto to us bountifully; good measures pressed down, shaken together and running over. And this House shall be blessed Forever and Ever!
He was educated through the Chatham County School Systems from kindergarten through out his high school career.   Some of his major accomplishments includes: Receiving his B.S. Degree in Health and Physical Education, December 2001 from Armstrong Atlantic College in Savannah, GA. He obtained his Masters Degree in Education Administration. He obtained an Associates Degree from Savannah Technical College in Business Management. He has also received many other honors and certificates from Pentecostal Miracle Deliverance Church Bible College. He is a recording artist, and has recorded two albums that are being circulated all over the United States.
He is married to Sabrina Mason and has four sons.  What he preaches in the church is also magnified and exemplified in his home.   He applies the same biblical standards that he teaches in the church for the leading and guiding of his family.  His motto:  “A family that prays together stays together.” His ultimate goal in life is to please God in all aspects of his life.  He believes that we are going to be held accountable for all the gifts and aspirations that we do not use to advance the Kingdom of God.  Therefore, Pastor Mason believes we must embrace change, because this is the season of empowerment for a healthy church that brings forth a healthy people, making productive changes daily.